Don't Rush | Mike Wade | Rural Life Photography

Don't Rush | Mike Wade | Rural Life Photography

We have all been there... "I'm trying to find my editing style", "I want my photos to look consistent" While I'm super sympathetic to both of those quotes, don't rush yourself. Finding an editing style can take you YEARS to nail down. Don't be afraid to slow down, experiment with different styles, or (hold your breath) have ZERO "style". 

Don't get me wrong... If you are looking to have a photography business then "style" and "consistency" are important. However, if you are a hobbyist, enjoy your freedom and let the photograph dictate your final destination. 

Here are a couple of photographs, all taken during the same 2 hours, but edited differently (all because I felt like I was trying to capture that particular moment in a different way).

"Because playing the sprinkler with two boys can go from "Happy" to "Sad" in the blink of an eye"
"I hated the yellow tint of the grass in this photo and decided I liked them better with a blueish hue"
"The colors from the slip and slide were so bright and I wanted to showcase that"

I guess all I'm saying is... don't rush to find a style. Explore, fail, or do what makes you happy. When I free myself from the burden of being in a "style" box, I'm more happy with my photographs.