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Top 5 Lightroom Presets for Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is the artistic representation of real life and deserves to be edited as such. These 5 presets will add a unique flare to your images but maintain the "realness" and authenticity of the captured moment.

SMAL ROSE 04 by Sven Malojlo

All of Sven Malojlo's presets are excellent at enhancing or maintaining the subjects skin tones. Most colors are a bit muted and help drive the viewer to the subject in the story. 

ROS BW01 by Ana Rosenberg

Ana Rosenberg's (the queen of black and white; in my honest opinion) ROS BW01 is an excellent preset to capture emotion. All of her presets contain grain and push "clarity". They are perfect for a "timeless" feel. ***Update*** Ana has graciously offered 25% off for all my readers! Discount code is RURALLIFE

Emotive 10 by Jessica Miekle

The Emotive Collection is Jessica Miekle's second preset release and I have found that Emotive 10 is a nice blend of warmth, contrast, and light grain. This preset is great for indoors and directional light.

RLP-01+ by Mike Wade

*This is a biased pick* RLP-01+ is from my "Pushed" pack and focuses on authentic skin tones, added warmth and vibrant reds. I believe this is an excellent preset for most lighting situations.

SH BW01 by Sandi Harkness

Sandi Harkness is one of my favorite documentary photographers. This presets is a great "clean" black and white conversion with no added grain. I find that this preset works best if shot with directional side light (which so happens to be my favorite). Sandi's black and white preset will soon be available to my facebook group!