I see me in you (Part 1: Bennett) | Mike Wade | Rural Life Photography

I see me in you (Part 1: Bennett) | Mike Wade | Rural Life Photography

Watching my kids, I can see a little of me in each one of them (Part 1: Bennett)

When I started documenting the lives of my kids, 5 years ago, I knew that I would be capturing those everyday moments that are the most significant but are the first to be forgotten. I didn't realize that through my camera, I would see each of my children differently and analyze their every move, gesture, and mannerism, while trying to capture the scene through the photograph. 

B, Bub, Bubba, Bennett...

Bennett wiping his eyes | Rural Life Photography | Family Photojournalist

As far back as I can remember, I HATED water on my eyes. This goes well beyond just being uncomfortable. To this day, if water gets on my face, I vigorously rub my eyes. B does the same thing.

Launching trains down a homemade ramp | Rural Life Photography | Family Photojournalism

Over the years, I always have looked for ways to make things go faster. I've been obsessed with speed. Bub, continues on in that tradition. He will take apart his toys and tracks, in order to build an epic ramp. He continuously is looking for ways to speed "anything" up. 

Building the tree house | Rural Life Photography | Family Photojournalism

We both obsess with trying to make things perfect (we rarely succeed). While building Bubba's fort, I was reminded a multitude of times to make sure "it's square" and that the "lines don't line up". These weren't simple reminders, these are the things that he notices when he is putting something together.

Using a vintage camera to photograph things as he see's it

Photography has been my "Major" hobby for 5 years and his interest in it grows constantly. Maybe this is more of a "hope" than a similarity but Bennett loves to take photographs. I hope this passion continues for years to come and one day we can set out upon the world together, capturing every moment.